I want you to know that if your website is making you feel icky…it’s going to be OK.

Getting your website up and running all by yourself isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. It takes learning a brand new skill and tons of action to make a scrumptious looking well-crafted website to grow your dream empire on.


I’m Kimberly Gosney and I eat websites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It took me over a year bootstrapping my way to learning how to DIY my website. In all that time I realized that there is sooooo much more to growing your business than slapping up a pretty website and hoping people find you online.

But, you need a pretty, polished, powerful website to start making headway in your business.

What you don’t need is to spend gobs of your time obsessing over every little detail and getting caught up in having a site that looks like someone else’s. But, it’s a very real thing that will eat up gobs of your time if you let it when you’re staring at your blank screen wondering what’s next for your website.

There is no shame in starting small and growing as you go.

My site and my business are dedicated to the smallest of just getting started businesses that are hungry and ready to start making headway online. It’s not always easy or simple, but together we’ll launch a website that you’ll love from your wrapper to your sprinkles.

Take a peek below to see a few ways that we can work together.




Here are three ways that we can take a big bite out of your website elephant.

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