I’m Kimberly Gosney.  I’m here to free you from your website.

I’ve been blessed with a huge gift. I didn’t know it was a gift at the time. Blessings sneak up on you that way.

I’m the best in the world at making decisions – big and small and implementing them on websites. But, not just any old website.

Your website.

I can take a peek and then it happens. Like a tiny lightbulb moment goes on in my head. I can see your website and it’s future.

And, bring that vision to life right on your website.

But, that’s not what the blessing is – really.

The blessing in it is that you’re FREE. I’m able to free you from your website. Because you’ve got so much to do. Way too much in fact.

We all need a little more time to get stuff done.

So, that’s where I come in. I give you freedom from your website so that you can get back to doing what lights you up.

Which I’m guessing isn’t building your website.

Glory Be. Let’s free you from your site already. Just click the Let’s Chat button and you’ll feel freer in 30 minutes than you can imagine!

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering if you really need to be freed from your website. That’s cool. I’ve got a little exercise for you that takes a few days to complete, but it’ll open your eyes right up!

Take out two sheets of paper and a pen and take a long, hard look at your website right now. Jot down everything you wish was DONE on your site on the first sheet, and on the second sheet track all the things you do on your website for the next 48 hours. Bring those sheets with you when we chat.

My blog posts go out weekly and they are entertaining and chock full of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

I’d rather pluck my eyeballs out than send you anything that doesn’t light you up. So, no worries. I’m not going to SPAM you, beg you for money on a weekly basis, or send you any pics of me wearing a bikini. Nope. Never, Ever.