Building your website will leave you with all kinds of questions.

Students Hiding There Face With Question Mark Sign, uncertainty

Who will be there to answer yours?

Experience building your website in a whole new way.

Experience building your website the easy way. Not the hard way.

What if YOU could design the site of your dreams with the HELP of someone that’s been there?

What if you didn’t have to wonder…Squarespace or WordPress?

What if you just need a little 1 on 1 help while you’re bootstrapping your website?

I believe that you need the help of a real live person while you’re sitting at your keyboard building your site. I’m a real live girl that’s here to help you tackle your website building fears.


No more tutorial only courses that leave you scratching your head wondering what you’re doing wrong.

Only easy, peasy website bliss. Wow, how does that sound? Design, grow and build your online business starting with your first website.

*Feel free to click here to schedule a 30 minute session with me. We’ll talk about your website woes and I’ll help you tackle your biggest website building fear. I’ve got your back.

Learn how to design, build and create your very own Headway WordPress Website.

Join me for Making Headway. Now enrolling for May 2014. Limited to 10 participants who are serious about taking their business and website to the next level. People who have passion and courage and aren’t afraid to take action.

Apply by booking a complimentary 30 minute interview session with me. You get to ask me all of your tough questions. I’ll bring my A-game. And, you’ll get to see how much heart I’ve put into creating Making Headway just for you.